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Adding Another Space To Your Dining Experience At Holman's Table

We've converted the historical airport terminal into a luxurious lounge - one any jet-setter would approve of. Cora's Lounge is the ideal spot for sipping craft cocktails & sampling modern bar snacks.

The lounge is separate from our Dining Room, including different food menus & offering Happy Hour Monday- Friday from 3 - 6 pm. Reservations are accepted - ensure you're reserving the experience you'd like to embark on - Dining Room or Cora's Lounge. Looking to host a private event - check out our Earhart Room.

Cora's Lounge Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 3 - 9 pm
Friday & Saturday: 3 - 9 pm

*Happy Hour is only available in Cora's Lounge, & not the Dining Room Cora's Lounge menu is not available in the Dining Room

Happy Hour
Monday- Friday 3 - 6 pm

Wine • Taps • Featured Cocktails • Snacks

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Cora M Fuller

In 1931, the first female licensed to pilot an airplane in Minnesota was from Martin County. Her name was Cora M. Fuller of Fairmont, Minnesota. She obtained her pilot's license by flying a Stinson-Detroiter monoplane solo over Hall Lake, making two trips of approximately five minutes each and attaining an altitude of 500 feet. There may have been other women that piloted airplanes in Minnesota before her; however, she was the first to be issued a pilot's license, that being on April 30, 1931.

Cora M Fuller pilot's licenceSource: Martin County Historical Society